Unlocking Potential Scholarship Application


Thank you for your interest in Bloom Institute of Technology's Unlocking Potential Scholarship. The goal of this scholarship is to increase female and underrepresented minority representation in engineering careers.*

We are excited to help you on your journey to change your career!

The scholarship application consists of a brief form followed by 3 short essay questions.

*Please note that scholarships and awards may be subject to state approval.


Please review the following eligibility requirements for the BloomTech Scholarship Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

To be eligible for disbursement of a scholarship, a learner must: 

  • Complete an application to an eligible BloomTech program (Full Stack Web, Data Science, or Backend Development), and activate the Risk-Free Trial. The Web3 program is not scholarship eligible. 

  • Be 18 years of age or older before the learner’s start date at BloomTech

  • Identify as a member of one or more of the following populations: 

    • - Female

    • - Black or African American

    • - Hispanic or Latinx

    • - American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Indigenous

    • - Veteran

    • - Additional identities under-represented in tech

  • Have a high-school diploma or equivalent

  • Not be related by blood or marriage to any owner, director, officer, member, or employee of BloomTech.

  • Not be a learner who is currently attending BloomTech (applicants for the Unlocking Potential Scholarship must be first time BloomTech students).

  • Not be the recipient of any other discount or scholarship, including international learner discount, or another BloomTech scholarship with respect to the program they are currently applying to enter.

  • Submit a complete application to BloomTech, meet the requirements of their chosen program and be accepted in the program. Information regarding BloomTech admission requirements is available in the Catalog

  • Submit a full, true and complete scholarship application,* including any and all necessary supporting documents or other requirements. Applications will be deemed complete when all scholarship materials have been received. Any application question or prompt left unanswered will be considered an incomplete application and will not be considered. 

  • Submit a W-9 form, set up an account at Bill.com, and enroll in the BloomTech program. Scholarships will be disbursed after the completion of 1 sprint of coursework. Scholarships are taxable, and a Form 1099 will be emailed to you in January.

The Unlocking Potential Scholarship: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Unlocking Potential Scholarship?

The BloomTech Unlocking Potential Scholarship was created to help affirm future tech leaders and make careers more financially accessible for aspiring developers and data scientists who identify as women, Black, Latinx, Native American, Veteran, or additional under-represented identities. BloomTech is providing $300,000+ in scholarships to advance equitable pathways to technical careers. Up to 10 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 are awarded monthly.

Unlocking Potential Scholarship awards are non-transferable and may not be combined with any other BloomTech offers, awards or discounts.

Q: Is this scholarship renewable?

No.  You may only be awarded The BloomTech Unlocking Potential Scholarship one time, and it is not renewable.

This scholarship cannot be combined with any other BloomTech scholarships or discounts. You can see the full terms and conditions above. 

Learners may only receive the Unlocking Potential Scholarship one time while enrolled at BloomTech. All decisions are final and may not be appealed.

Q: How are recipients selected and how can I stand out?

Applicants must meet eligibility criteria, including having activated the Risk Free Trial, and submit a complete Scholarship Application. Scholarships are evaluated holistically by the committee on the basis of your financial need and responses to three short essay questions.  

We are seeking to financially assist candidates who demonstrate leadership potential and strong goal commitment to a future career in technology. It is important you put a lot of thought into your essay responses, including concrete answers about your future career goals, lessons you have learned about leadership and teamwork, the steps you have already taken to prepare for the rigor of BloomTech, and how this scholarship will assist you financially. Scholarship amounts are determined by the essay question ratings, so it is in your favor to be thoughtful and thorough. 

Q: What is the timeline for scholarship review and awards?

Applications are reviewed according to the following conditions and timelines: 

  • A learner’s scholarship application becomes eligible for review when the learner activates the Risk-Free Trial

  • Once per month, the Scholarship Review Committee will review all scholarship applications that reached eligibility since the last review period

  • Up to ten (10) scholarships will be awarded during each review, and all eligible applicants will receive a response by the 15th of the month, indicating if they have been awarded a scholarship

  • Learners who are awarded a scholarship must complete the following: 

    • File a W9 form with BloomTech

    • During Sprint one, a Bill.com invitation email will be sent by email. Complete the steps in the email to create a Bill.com account, through which the scholarship funds will be disbursed.

    • Complete enrollment at BloomTech

    • Complete one sprint of coursework

  • Scholarship funds will be disbursed to the learner within one (1) week of their completion of the required sprint (Sprint 1) 

Q: Can I use the scholarship to pay the ISA down payment?

Scholarships are disbursed after the completion of one sprint of coursework, so learners can use disbursed funds toward their ISA downpayment if they wish. Because award amounts vary, the scholarship award may not finance the entire down payment. 

Q: I am applying for the Web3 program, am I eligible for the scholarship? 

Because of the more advanced nature of the Web3 program and the intention of the scholarship funds, learners enrolling in the Web3 program are not eligible to apply for BloomTech scholarships.

By submitting a scholarship application you agree to abide by BloomTech’s privacy policy, terms of use, and all other BloomTech policies throughout enrollment. Learners should refer to the Catalog for all applicable policies and expectations. 

*If any information in your admissions or scholarship application is found to be untrue or falsified, your scholarship may be revoked and you may be permanently withdrawn from BloomTech.

BloomTech reserves the right to stop offering the Unlocking Potential Scholarship at any time with or without notice

We're sorry. You are not eligible for the BloomTech Unlocking Potential Scholarship

If you believe you reached this page in error, you can restart the form or reread the eligibility requirements listed here.

Demographic Information
Please use the same email address and name you used in your application to BloomTech.

Essay Questions

Please answer each question to the best of your ability. All answers are are limited to 300 words each. You can save your application and return it at any time.

We recommend writing your essay questions in a word processor and copy + pasting them into the answer boxes when you are ready.